Blue Sea Web Consulting Favorite Utilities And Website Programs

Summary: This is a list of favorite utilities for an online business and website development programs.

Voice Search and Voice Browsing Favorite Utilities

Voice Search For Google (Must have the Chrome Browser Installed)
Google Voice Search For The Chrome Browser

Voice Mail Transcribed To Text and Converted To A .wav File, Then Sent To Your Email

Google Voice Mail

Favorite Utilities For The Mozilla Firefox Browser

Colorzilla: Mouse the cross hairs over any color and get the pixel HTML color code.
Look for the Eyedropper in the Lower Left of your Firefox browser window.

Linkchecker: Right Click on any website and Linkchecker will check for broken links.

270+ Tools For Running A Business Online, A Collection Of Favorite Utilities

270+ Online Business Tools, Brought To You By Mashable

The Last Password You Will Ever Need: LastPass

Check back for updates. We will be upgrading this page frequently.

Thanks to these favorite utilities, life is easy.

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